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Liberty Mutual will take you to the cleaners!

by Lori
(Lake Charles, Louisiana)

My car's value, proven on KBB, NADA and Edmund's was $13,125. All Liberty Mutual would give for the 'total loss' was $10,800. They claim that they have done a 'fair' valuation. My car had 58000 miles, was immaculate, had new tires, the oil had been changed every 3000 miles without fail, and all routine upkeep was up to date. When I sent them three local advertisments advertising the same type vehicle for sale, with like mileage and same year model, all the advertisments were for $13,900 and above listing price. They said that where they 'looked' for prices may not have been my 'area' that I lived in.

My policy states that they will help me 'find' a car, but they refused to help me find one identical to mine for $10,800. I asked to invoke the appraisal clause, and they stated that they would have to call me back. They have never done so, have not settled the claim, and return none of my phone calls, what should I do? I will NEVER insure anything with Liberty Mutual again!

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