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Mechanic parked my car negligently which resulted in hit and run accident. Who is at fault?

by Raymond
(Denver, CO, USA)

I took my car to a big and well known tire store to get my tires replaces. The mechanic who finished the job backed up my car and parked in in the lane right behind other parked cars. While I was doing paper work someone backed out of their parking and hit my car and left the scene before I could get out.

It seems like the mechanic was negligent in parking my car in a non designated parking spot right behind other cars - where they could back up and hit my car. I do not have collision coverage. Is the garage at fault?


Well, this is a difficult question without all the facts or more evidence.

The law of bailments seems to apply to this and this law is different in every state. You will need to talk to an attorney about how bailments work in your state. This is where you may be able to find actionable negligence on behalf of the mechanic.

Good Luck,

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