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Medical records review time frame

by Barbara
(Adairville, ky, usa)

auto accident occurred in January 2009, had pt several doctors visits.

3 months later developed a clot(dvt in leg that was injured in accident.

No previous medical history complaints in chart other than mild reflux. 59yr old in remarkable condition.

Now the claims rep states has forwarded medical records for review to determine if any settlement amount she can offer.

What is a normal length of time for medical records to be reviewed?


Hello Barbara,

Well, this is a rather complicated question. The main reason is that it depends on the medical providers and the records that are being asked for.

Usually, a two week period is reasonable to request and receive the records. Another week to allow for the adjuster to review them and make an an offer.

However, if medical history is extensive (probably not the case here), it can take longer. Most states do no have state legislation that require specific time frames for an insurance company to evaluate an injury claim.

Insurance adjusters use this to their adventage. They delay the claim so you become desperate and settle for less. It is a rather dirty tactic, so you should be on top of this and make sure that your adjuster is actually requesting and evaluating rather than stalling.

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Good Luck,

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