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Medpay isses regarding our rates?

by Sherrie

I was a passenger in an auto accident-- not my car--not our fault (sister driving). If the med pay on my auto insurance pays, will my rates go up on my auto insurance?


They could. They are not supposed to (you are not at fault) but insurance companies will use this information to assess future risk.

Even if your insurance company argues that they will not. Then make sure that this is the case. Remember, that the fact that your insurance company say that the meds paid will not increase your rates, other insurance companies will. If you ever change carriers, then you will be paying a higher premium. This is why it is critical that you make sure that your sister is marked as "not at fault" (not even 1%).

The best thing to do right now is to get a quote from several carriers (while the claim is pending). See what your rates are today in several carriers, and then after the claim is close, get another quote (from the same place). A good place to start that will give you quotes from several carriers at the same time is:

Any movement on your rates will indicate that the insurance company might of mark you at fault. At that point you will have to correct by sending a letter requesting to correct the error. They will if you request on time (and if you catch them).

If they rates are the same, the there is no harm.

Good Luck,

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