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Mercedes head rest splits and there is a head injury | What can I do?

If I'm driving a Mercedes and the head rest split open and I get injured is the company at fault.

I got hit from the back and the head rest split open and hit me on the left-back part of my head about a year ago. Since then, I have complication and the doctors think there is a nerve damage.

Can I sue them?

Answer to Mercedes head rest splits and there is a head injury | What can I do?


Well, you are looking at a possible products liability claim against your car's manufacture. Can you sue them? Anyone can sue anyone. The better, and far more difficult, question is: Would you be successful?

There is no way to really be able to tell. You need to talk to an attorney to really see if there is enough damages to justify this type of claim. In addition, if the head rest was not defective (showing that by expert testimony), then there could be strong defense. If it was in fact defective, there may be some recovery. Again talk to an attorney. If you are not represented by a lawyer in this accident (against the person who hit you from behind), this may be a good time to talk to one. Fill out the form below for an attorney close to your area.

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