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Minor accident, What to do here?

by William

I own two trucks on two separat policies. I backed one into another one. Are both trucks covered in North Carolina by the trucks policy that i was operating assuming i have full coverage?


Yes, they should be (unless there is an special exclusion).

Your situation is actually common. Many times people back up and hit their own vehicles or spouses car.

You did not specify if you had two different policies with one insurance company or two different insurance companies. If you had a single company, then not only you should be covered but you could have a waiver of your deductible. Many insurance policies waive deductibles for "dual insurance company claims."

If you have insurance by two different insurances, then this could get a little complicated.

The truck that has full coverage on (assuming that it does -- as you said) is the same truck that you were driving. In essence, the damaged truck will get covered only under the liability coverage of the truck you were driving. This is the case when you hit someone else - they are covered under your liability coverage. However, the caveat is this:

You cannot be liable to yourself (legally speaking), therefore liability could not probably apply. Each insurance company can give you problems, but they might not even think about it.

To learn more about insurance coverages.

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