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Minor fender bender | Want cash for damages

by Terri

My daughter was involved in a minor fender bender. My insurance estimated the damage at around 1400.

Our estimates are at 1800. Now because my insurance isn't responsible and the driver of the other car's is we have to wait for them to look at the car.

My question is can we force them to pay the 1800 and put the check in our name and not the body shop's name? The car is paid for.


You can only get paid for what the insurance company estimates. If the second insurance company evaluates the damage at 1,400. They might fight you (go to court) for the $400.

The $400 seems a little high, sometimes they are closer than that. If you allow for this insurance company to see your car, they will estimate and see your estimate ($1,800).

They will determine if the variance is "normal" (there is something hidden damage that a bodyshop sees that an adjuster does not) and agree to pay the difference only when the car is fixed.

To learn more about how to dispute estimates, visit:

If the car is on your name, then they can pay you directly, however, they will only pay you what they will originally estimate ($1,400 for example). They will not pay you more unless they know that you fixed the car and it cost you more than the original estimate and the variance is justified.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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