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Money back or not?

I bought a used truck from a buy here pay here car lot at 12:45pm. Did test drive, checked fluids, everything checked out. Paid cash $3,500 as-is. One thing that was suspicious was the man said the dashboard had been replaced so it was salvage inspected since the dash vin and title vin didn't match.

There were two inspections done but one stated the truck year was 1996, and the other said 2006. The car lot said it was a 4 door truck, only to get down there, two hours away from where we live, to find out it was only two. At 2:45pm, we get on the highway to come home.

We stop a little ways up to get gas since it was almost on E, and the oil light popped on and then off. We are not mechanics so we thought it was supposed to do that. We get back on the highway go a little further up the road when I look back and see nothing but smoke pouring out of the truck with my husband and daughter in it. They pull over. The motor has blown with oil and antifreeze spraying everywhere.

That was at 3:30pm. We call the car lot and they send their mechanic out to check the truck and he arrives at 5:30. We are told by him at that point it is definitely the motor, and it is shot. He said we should get our money back. He calls his boss who says he will have it towed back to the shop to see if they can figure out what is wrong. Mind you, the mechanic just told us what is wrong! So we get home, empty handed.

The next two days they can only tell me when I call over and over that they are still checking it out, and when they know anything they will call. We then call, and they say it is the motor( which we knew!), and they do not know if it needs rebuilt or replaced, and they have no idea if they are going to fix it.

At this point, we just want our money back. Are we entitled to our money back or not? this place has our truck, and our money. Please give me your advice on this. I am really struggling with what to do since I am not sure what we can do.

Thank you!

Answer to Money back or not?


Wow, well… this is hard.

A. this is not a claim question, so it is not our area.

B. You had opportunity to inspect and decided to sign an as is contract

C. You saw that something was wrong but decided to drive anyway… If the dashboard of the car alarmed you that something was wrong, the vehicle at a minimum was telling you to stop and inspect.
You need a local lawyer for this one.

I am sorry.

Good luck,

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