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Motorcycle collision claim | Total loss

by David

I have collision claim on my vintage motorcycle my insurance company says the bike is only worth $1,800 the bike is selling on ebay for3,000 to 4500 the bike was in showroom condition with only 20,000miles no 26year old bike do I have any options available to get them toraise the value


Hello David,

You must be able to document the total loss by showing fair market value. Fair market value is on your local market, so Ebay prices will not help you (unless you find a bike that is within 50 miles from your location).

You are in a difficult position because you have to show that the bike is “vintage” and that it was in “mint condition”

You also have to read the policy and see what you have. Do you have a “fix or total loss” or a “restoration policy”. Fit you have a fix or total loss, then the insurance company has more leverage to calculate a lower value.

For more information about total losses visit;

If you cannot agree with the insurance company, remember that is very likely that you have the “right of appraisal clause” read more about this clause here:

they will have to do an actual appraisal of your motorcycle and not their “view” of what is worth.

I hope this helps some,
Good Luck,

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