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Multiple car accident | What to do now?

by Zakir
(Chicago, il USA)

Multiple car accident | What insurance company pays?

I got into an accident few days ago. The accident involved 4 cars. I was fully stopped in the traffic when car number 2 hit me from behind. Cop told me that car # 4 rear-ended car # 3, Car # 3 rear-ended car # 2, and Car # 2 rear-ended my car (car # 1).

My question is whose insurance company should I call? I don't want my premiums to go high because it wasn't my fault. Car # 2 that hit me was insured by AllState.

I got the police report but it has the information of only my car and car 2. Not of Car 4 and 3. I can get it from the police station but need to know who should I pursue? Who is liable? the Car 4 or car 2 that hit me.

My insurance agent told me that if u go through your insurance company then it will increase your insurance premium and off course I have to deal with the deductable.


Hello there,

Well, car #4 seems to be liable for the damages if the facts are how you explain them. However, an investigation must be done to establish who hit who and in what order.

If Car #2 hit you and Car #3 hit #2 and #2 hi you, then you have a different situation. An insurance company will have to determine this. Talk to your insurance company. Your agent should not discourage your claim as you do have a duty to report losses and this qualifies.

Please see our article on that subject.

Contact your insurance company and have them handle it.

You are also encourage to talk to an attorney.

Good Luck,

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Feb 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

Car # 4 would be the vehicle considered at fault in this situation. If you want your vehicle repaired right away you could go through your collission coverage and once car #4 insurance company accepts liability your insurance company can subrogate against them to get their money back including your deductible which will go to you. You need to contact an attorney they will handle all of this for you making life easier.

Nov 04, 2011
Split liability for salvage value
by: Tim

I was also involved in a multiple accident, but not directly. My vehicle was parked and was deemed a total loss. Two other drivers were at fault and their insurance agreed to 50% split of damages. Now, since I was allowed to keep my totaled vehicle, the salvage value must be deducted. However, each insurance company is deducting the full salvage value from each of their settlement amounts. This can't be right can it? Since they are paying 50% shouldn't they only be entitled to deduct 50% worth of salvage value? For example, ACV is $10,000. What they are doing is paying half of $10000 then deducting the full salvage value of $1000 which means each payout is $4000, not $4500 as I would think. Am I wrong?

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