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my car is under my father's insurance and my friend took it without my consent

by AnnMarie
(New York)

A Friend asked for my keys to get something out of my car, and decided to take the car for a spin without my consent, resulting in a collision with two parked cars causing severe damage to the vehicles.

My ar is insured under my father's insurance plan and I am unaware of how to proceed from here.

Please help.


Hello AnnMarie,

Well, the consent issue may completely exclude coverage, which would leave you with a damaged vehicle and not way to fix it (or fixing it from your own pocket).

You want to talk to a local attorney BEFORE you file a claim.

Good Luck

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Feb 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

I would contact your fathers insurance company and speak to them about the situation. Because of the fact that you gave her your keys coverage would probably be avaialable to whoever she hit. Unless you decide to press charges against your friend for a stolen vehicle. And if the car had collision coverage the vehicle would be able to be fixed.

Feb 11, 2012
My son wrecked a friends car.
by: Brian

My 18 year old son and a couple of friends took another friends car and got into an accident. The accident was my son's fault and he received a citation for an unsafe movement. The friend did not know they took is car but they are good friends and at this point doesn't appear the friend or his family will try to claim the car was took without his consent. My question is concerning who's insurance pays for the damage to the friends car. From what I can gather the friends insurance will pay for the damages. I also feel like it is partly our responsibily to do something for his friend but don't want my insurance to pay everything. Should I offer to pay them something so they don't file a claim with my insurance company?

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