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My car was backed into at a parking lot

by Bukola

I backed out from a parking lot in front of spoons yoghurt in college station and as I was about to put the car in drive, suddenly a blue Cherokee Jeep approached very fast from behind, the driver was reversing her car and apparently did not make use of her rear mirrors, I then pressed the horn very loudly but before I could even do anything/ drive , she had hit my car from behind, specifically on my bumper and my taillight.

I immediately parked the car, came out of the car and asked her: didn't you hear the horn? She then started screaming: I'm running late for work and I can't wait to talk to you.' I decided to call the cops after getting her insurance information, she kept screaming that there was no way she was going to wait for the cop, so I took pictures of her car before she zoomed off and left me at the scene of the accident.

I waited for the cop to get there- The Officer from the police department and the police officer proceeded to confirm her insurance and drove by to check her car because the girl that hit my car works very close to the scene of the accident.

The officer then gave me the blue police report to fill, which I did and mailed to the Texas Dept. of transportation. I was in shock and couldn't drive for a few minutes after the police officer left. I then called the gilr's insurance company and reported the accident and filed a claim, I called my insurance too to let them know even though I didn't have to- I have liability insurance on my car.

The insurance company was not helpful at all because, most of the time the phone either went to voicemail or cut off while I was talking to the adjuster. The adjuster assigned to me was sounds sleepy everytime I talk to her saying that they haven't been able to talk to their client yet.

The only thing forthcoming was that they sent a guy to come take pictures and that was it, everytime I call after that, they are so rude to me saying that there;s nothing they can do even though they know that she hit my car. I finally talked to them yesterday, and the insurance adjuster told me that sher insurance is in a grace period and that they can't help me, I asked to speak to her supervisor, and left a voicemail which showed I was pretty upset. he called me back and said, ' if she dosen't make a payment, there's nothing we can do, PERIOD!', he was very and extremely rude to me on the phone.



I am sorry to hear about this situation.

You do seem to have a big issue here. You want to file a complaint with the department of insurance to compel an answer as to coverage and/or payment.

Consider talking to an attorney also.

Good Luck

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