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My car was hit from behind in a parking lot while I was in the store

by Lynn
(Quincy, MA)

My car was hit while I was in the store. My daughter, 26 yrs old, was with me. My car was parked facing the store (north) the girl who hit my car had been parked directly opposite me facing south. When she backed up to leave she hit my car. My daughter left the store a few minutes before me.

When I came out of the store she (the driver of the truck) told me she was sorry but didn't see my car (I drive a 2010 HHR she was driving a pickup) I was shocked to see the damage to the back gate of my car because there was no real visible damage to her truck. Anyway, we exchanged info and both left.

I dropped my daughter at her apt only 2 blocks away and began to drive home when all of a sudden I hear three bells (usually means someone isn't wearing a seatbelt) then it says Power steering and then the power steering goes out. I had to walk back to my daughter's apt and get her fiancé to walk back to the car with me.

The steering was fine. I drove him back home and continued on to my home when it happened again. So I turned the car off and then back on and steering was fine. This happened 6 times on my way home. Also, I had AC on and suddenly felt very strange.

I felt dizzy and my legs felt numb like I was high or something so I opened the windows and turned off AC then I felt better, finally. I'm afraid to drive it now. Anyway, can this kind of accident be the cause of the power steering trouble and whatever caused me to feel strange until I opened the windows, etc..? I don't know what to do.

I bought the car only 2 months ago and I'm afraid the auto place will blame the accident and the insurance will blame the auto place. My car is still under warranty. It's obvious my car was in an accident. The entire gate is dented in. Please help me because I don't want to get stuck with a messed up car all because of this accident. Thank you

Answer to My car was hit from behind in a parking lot while I was in the store

Hello there, I can’t follow your question.

You are describing some mechanical issue with the power steering and maybe the AC. Not sure what implication you are making about you feeling dizzy.

If you have a warranty they may cover this, but then you state that the entire gate is dented in? What is that mean? Did you hit the car? Or was it sold to you like that? In either way, you have insurance and a warranty, so both the warranty company and the insurance company should sort this out if you do not know what happened to your car.

Also, you should probably not drive the car like that. That sounds like a big issue (we are not mechanics) but you had to shut off the car six times. You really need to get the car looked by a mechanic.

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