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My car was hit in parking lot, car parked next to me said I hit his car

by Gail

Parked in private parking lot. at 9:00am, when I came out my car was crashed into the car on the right. the man behind me said I smashed into his car. after about 30 min. I just gave him my ins. info and left.

I went home called doctor for appointment as I did not remember hitting the car (would automatically lose my drivers lic. for 6 month).

I went to auto body place to access damage ($5000.00 worth), the man was looking at the wrong side and I told him the damage was on the right. he then said I was just hit on the left and told me that the damage showed that another car hit me in the left and pushed my car into the car on the right.

I went back to parking lot found a car with the same paint as car that hit me, all smashed on the right side, it was parked further up the parking lot. this was at 11:30am. I called the police.
police found the person that hit me plus a third car that was hit.

at first the daughter of the driver denied her parent did it, police sent me to station to write up accident report. police later called and said that an 86 year old women mistakenly stepped on the gas instead of brake.

I called her ins. company--they will pay the damages. also the ins. company is repairing my car with recycled and non-ome parts, asked them about that and they said that was acceptable and the part are give a lifetime warranty.

but the lady originally hid, putting the blame on me, was not charged with anything---(they were found 3 hours later)they hid and then tried to lie.

I am angry, can I do anything?

Answer to My car was hit in parking lot, car parked next to me said I hit his car

Hello Gail,

What do you mean anything you can do? As far as the non-ome parts or as far as the lady who hit you?

About the parts, make sure you get the warranty in writing of a life time replacement. They say that, but never seem to be able to produce a writing. Make sure the repairs are done correctly (consider taking the vehicle to a different facility and inspect the repair).

As far as the lady, she will probably get a big ticket and her insurance may not insured her any longer. Very likely.

Other than that, there is no much you can do. Her insurance company should be paying for all the damages she caused you.

Good Luck,

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