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My car was rear ended

I Was driving northbound on the 5. I saw a grey vehicle slam on their brakes, all kinds of smoke. i was coming at a speed that allowed me to come to a full stop and not rear end the grey vehicle ahead of me. A black honda civic which was seen previously speeding up the highway rear ended me.
The insurance companies were called CHP showed up. I have to go see the civics insurance adjuster from allstate on wednesday. What should I expect, any thing i need to know. I just want to get my cat fixed, i have back end damage, small dent on driver side door, and front bumper.


Hello Christian,

They will probably take your recorded statement and tell you what to do next. The will also take a look at your damages and write an estimate. You should really visit: for information about recorded statements, and what to expect. There are too many details to list them all here.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck

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