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My check from allstate was stolen out of my mailbox

My car was totaled in an accident. The accident was not my fault. The car was determined to be totaled. Allstate sent the check to my house, but I never received it. I did find out that the check was stolen from my mailbox.

The person who stole the check fraudulently signed it and attempted to cash it at the bank, but the bank intervened recognizing that the person who signed it and tried to cash it was not the person to whom the check was made out to.

Is there anything I can do to get Allstate to send me another check, this time via certified mail so that it doesn't get stolen.

I'm not sure why they are refusing to send another check since the original was never cashed, and they are not losing any money. Perhaps they are just waiting 180 days until the check is invalid before sending another check? WHAT CAN I DO?

Answer to Insurance on Damage Claim with an Expired Motor Vehicle Registration

Hello there,

You need to file a police report. Even an accident (walk in report). Tell them what is going on. Then call Allstate and tell them to cancel or put a stop and that check. Send them a copy of the police report.

Give them a few days to process the stop payment. When they are ready to issue again, ask if they would send that check to a local Allstate agent or Allstate office. You can go pick up there.

If they give you problems, keep talking to a supervisor. If they still refuse, file a complaint with the department of insurance or the office of the insurance commissioner.

Good Luck

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