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My daughter and her fiance were in a single motorcycle accident and she died

by Colleen

My daughter and her fiance were involved in a single motorcycle accident. It was determined not to be his fault. The back tire on the motorcycle blew and they skidded and she was thrown off the bike and died.

My daughter and her fiance were with the same auto insurance company. Her auto policy and his motorcycle were covered under the same policy. (I believe)..

The adjuster talked to my oldest daughter and told her that they opened an investigation, but also told her that she could not sue herself?...We need to know if as her parents we are suppose to be the recipients of the bodily injury liability claim amount.

Answer to My daughter and her fiance were in a single motorcycle accident and she died

Hello Colleen,

I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Our prayers are with your family.

If she was a passenger, and he was at fault, her estate would have a claim against the at fault party.

The statement that she cannot sue herself is usually used when they are putting some fault on that party. You are liable for your own injury, and since you cannot sue yourself, you cannot collect for pain and suffering and related damages.

This is an interesting situation because of the "blown tire." You want to talk to an attorney and really analyze the policy language and the potential recovery. There are way too many issues that can come up.

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Good luck,

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