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My factory warranty will be void.

by Bill
(Corning, NY, USA)

My six-month old 2011 was rear-ended by an Escalade. Of course the manufacturer voids the warranty on all parts affected. The insurance company of the at-fault person is arguing that the loss of my warranty is not there problem; the manufacture is being "unreasonable".

Can I require the insurance company to uphold the terms of the remainder of my warranty? Another question: can the manufacturer void the warranty even if the parts are new OEM and done by thier dealership?


Hello Bill,

Look at the terms of the warranty – what’s on ink and paper? If the warranty is voided because of the accident, what’s so “unreasonable.” It’s like not having coverage on an insurance policy. What’s unreasonable. The warranty can be voided by OEM also, it just depends on the language of your contract with them.

Contact an attorney for this.

Good Luck

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