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My hunting rifle accidently went off into my friends truck (no injuries). Is there a way to claim it on my comprehensive auto insurance?

by Brad
(Loveland, CO, USA)

My hunting rifle went off while I was unloading it. Unfortunatly it was pointed at the rear window of my friends truck. The bullet broke the rear glass and went through the roof. I don't want my friend to claim it on his comprehensive insurance because his rates will increase and it was not his fault. No one was injured at all.

Is there any to claim it on my comprehensive insurance even though my car was not there but it was my fault?

Thanks for your help.


Hello Brad,

This is a very interesting claim. Clearly, as a gun going of is outside the scope of what an auto policy would cover (i.t., it's not a car accident). However, you should be covered for liability from loading or unloading your car. This may give you coverage.

You have to read the policy and talk to a lawyer. Your coverage would not be comprehensive, but liability as you would be liable to your friend.

Good Luck

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