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My new car was vandalized at a car lot. I withdrew my claim.....

by Cindy

I bought a car from a dealer who also has a garage. My car was having work done on it at the garage where I bought it. While it was sitting overnight the catalytic converter, DVD player, and 3 TV screens were stolen out of it.

There were also several other cars vandalized at the garage/lot. The police were called to make a report. They caught the guy who stole everything and arrested him.

I added the car to my insurance policy and made a claim. After 3 weeks of waiting the auto insurance investigator told me I was denied because I added the car the same day the theft occurred and had me withdraw my claim.

He said that is a felony insurance fraud. Am I in trouble now? Is there anything I can do?

I wasn't trying to cheat anyone. I thought that's how it works.

Answer to My new car was vandalized at a car lot. I withdrew my claim.....

Hello Cindy

No, that does not sound correct. It is a felony to commit insurance fraud, but you can have a legitimate claim the same you added the car to the policy. It is not an uncommon scenario. If you added your vehicle and after you did that, the vehicle was vandalized, then you are supposed to have coverage. That is how it works.

If, on the other hand, your vehicle was vandalized, you knew about it, and then added the vehicle to the policy, then you could have issues.

The time line needs to be clear. Contact a lawyer or talk to the department of insurance of your state. The “investigation” of the adjuster MUST show that you did something wrong or that you knew about the vandalism before the vehicle was added to the policy.

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Good Luck

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