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My son was hit by a suv while riding his bike to school

by Siri
(Leander TX)

My son was hit by a suv while riding his bike to school. We have a child witness that says the driver was negligent.

He said she was looking away from the road. The other party is trying to say that it was my son's fault. The driver hit the back of my son's wheel and it flew him in front of the car. To me this looks like it was her fault. Please advise to what to do.

Should I obtain a lawyer?

I thought this was a open and shut case… but now she's saying its not her fault.




Hello Siri ,

Wow, well. You do need a lawyer. It’s just incredible that someone would have a collision with a child in a bike (with an SUV) and they would push the envelope of fault. Regardless of what went on, juries and judges are more likely to cite with the weaker party (the child).

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
Good Luck,
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