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Nationwide insurance denial claim

by Trevor

Nationwide insurance denied my stolen car claim under the basis that another key was used to start the vehicle other than the submitted key because the dealer issues the vehicle with 2 keys and a valet key.

The vehicle was purchased from a private owner online with a shot motor. I replaced the motor and insured the vehicle.

One night the vehicle was stolen form my girlfriends house. I the next morning and could not find my vehicle. I called the police and they told me I couldn’t report it until I have a copy of the registration. On the Monday I got a copy if the registration and reported the car stolen. Then I called the insurance company and reported the vehicle stolen.

I was investigated, the insurance company was given statements and access to all my accounts and phone records. I gave interviews statements.

The investigator stated that he believes that I did was not in the car that night and that another key was used to start the vehicle because the key I gave up was not the last key used to start the vehicle.

My claim was denied though I have no other key.

If I submitted and complied 100% with the insurance company and they find that another transponder key was used....then is it not obvious that it was stolen. My attorney has sent in the letter to the state to take up the case. How can they deny my claim when my vehicle only came with one key which was stated since the vehicle was insured. How can they deny my claim when the forensic tests on the ignition states that it was not the same key last used?

How can they give me back my vehicle and keep my ignition when its my property.? I owned the vehicle and had no loan on it at any time so why would I mess up my own vehicle? I owned a 2006 Honda civic ex. coupe manual 40.000 miles. I need help!

Well, you have to contact your attorney for this. They can help you. That is why you are paying them. He / she can file a complaint with the department of insurance and/or file a lawsuit for breach of contract, bad faith, etc.
Again, talk to your lawyer.

I hope this helps.
Good Luck,

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