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Needing help about car accident with no PIP!

My son was driving on the freeway and was hit from behind by a company truck and it totaled his vehicle but all my son had was liability on his truck.

He has a knee and back injury from the wreck. does he have to pay for the doctors visits,procedures etc. up front?

The companies insurance made an offer on his totaled truck. he could only keep the rental car until the truck was declared totaled according to his insurance. What's his options to be compensated for this accident?


Well, his options are that he other side is liable. Most states do not require advance paid on medical bills (Montana does). Therefore, he will likely have to pay up front for his doctors. Note, make sure he does not have PIP. Some states require a written waiver of the coverage. If he did not sign the waiver, and it was required, then the insurance company may have to cover him.

His health insurance may also cover his medical bills if he does not have auto coverage.

Other than that, the at fault insurance company will not have pay for his medical bills until he settles.

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