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Negligence conflict of interest

(Winston Salem, NC)

I had a car accident both of my kids were injured and since the accident was my fault the adjuster stated that the pain and suffering would have to go to their father due to a conflict of negligence interest although I am the children legal guardian.

What can I do?



This is very interesting. I do not see where the conflict of interest exists? You are settling a claim for your children against an insurance company (yours), not against “yourself.” The funds come out of the insurance company’s pocket and not your own.

At any rate, you can hire an attorney to only settle the claim for both children. Since the lawyer is the agent of the kids, she would not have any kinds of possible conflict. Contact couple of lawyers on the area and see what you can do.

Alternatively, you can work with the father but I take it this is not really an option.

I hope this helps some

Good Luck

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