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No insurance or license | Please help

by Harlie

I am 18 and do not have driver's license. I drove my step-father's vehicle and had an at fault accident.

His vehicle has no insurance. The other driver's insurance paid for his damage only. Now his insurance company is trying to collect from my step-father. I thought the other driver's insurance cover's
uninsured accidents. I drove without his permission.


Wow man. Well, sorry to hear that. Yes, the uninsured property damage covers their damages, but the insurance company gains the rights of subrogation. Subrogation means that the insurance company “steps in the shoes” of the vehicle owner meaning they are in the same position as the vehicle owner was. Since you owe (your dad) for the damages, the insurance company has rights against you (you must pay them back).

The coverage protects the owner of that car, not you. You must pay for the damages you caused.

Sorry you are in this situation,

See more about subrogation of rights here:

Good Luck

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