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Obtaining an accident report? How?

I purchased a new auto from a now-bankrupt dealership in Florida. At the time I was advised that the car was a demo.

Although it was classified as new in the sales contract. When having the car serviced at another dealership, the service manager indicated that in his opinion the car had previously been involved in an accident and needed repairs not covered under the warranty.

A check of car fax confirmed the date of the accident, general type of damage and responding police department, with no other details. The police department was unable to provide an accident, although I gave them the VIN No. Is there any way I can obtain an accident report in the state of Florida with just a vehicle description, date of the incident and VIN No.?



Well, this is not really a claim question. You should probably talk to an attorney on this one. Yes, there is a way to get a report.

A police officer (a nice one) should be able to get information. If anything else fails, contact your insurance company and ask to talk to the SUI (special unit investigation unit – or fraud unit).

Make sure you talk to the claims department. Simply tell them the situation and see if they can help you get information about the accident (maybe the report number). They have access to databases that can get this information in a snap! So this might help.

Good Luck

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