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Open claim still pending

by Bill

Here's the problem.

1.I don't believe my mother ordered the policy before I had the wreck and I have already made a claim for it.

I was wondering if that is considered fraud because I could end the claim if so

2.It was a hit and run and I don't know if he had insurance yet.

What should I do cancel the claim?


Hello Bill,

Well, you can withdraw a claim if there is no way you are at fault. However, most insurance companies will want to investigate anyway just in case there are any issues you do not know (injuries?).

At any rate, insurance fraud occurs when there are intentional misrepresentation about the claim to seek coverage. For example, you claim you were driving when someone else was the real driver (that was not covered), or you state you had a collision (hit and run) when in reality you hit a deer.

Filing a claim that is not covered is not insurance fraud. There might not be coverage, but you would have to make an actual intentional misrepresentation.

It would be important to see if the other party has insurance and this would take care of it (if that driver was a permissive driver).

Good Luck

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