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Other cars damage caused by me?

by Angel
(San Jose, CA, USA)

I was taking off the freeway and was trying to change to the left lane to take a U turn. There was a car coming from the middle lane and based on he said he could have hit me if he come straight. So turned his wheel and hit another car at his left. I felt that they were behind me and I didn’t know anything until I was stopped and waiting for the red light.

The driver came to me and ask me why I drove like that. He wanted my insurance to pay for all the damage of their cars. Not so serious damage, but have long scratch on the on in the middle. As my car was no damaged, I didn’t hit anyone, and nothing happened to me, do I really need to be involve in this claim?


Most likely yes. To be responsible for the damage to someone else, you need to be found negligent. An improper lane change can make you negligent if you did not make the lane change properly, then you can be found at fault. Physical contact between your car and their car is not required, however, damages are. Sounds like those vehicles did have some scratches, which shows damage.

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