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Other driver clearly at fault

by Katrina
(Kingsland, Texas)

On March 7th, 2011, my 2000 Ford F150 pickup truck was struck by a 2001 Toyota, on the corner of the northbound frontage road of I35 and university Ave(also known as hwy 290). When she disregarded her traffic signal,while viewing her cellphone, ran her red light.

Her front end struck the front end of my pickup. It is now totaled. The police report clearly shows the other driver to be at fault. My Insurance company has already concluded their investigation. They have found the other insured party to be at fault. My insurance company contacted me, to inform me to file a claim with the other insurance company, due to me having only liability.

In doing so, I have had nothing but problems and headaches. The adjuster that I have been dealing with has not been helpful. One of the adjusters, offered me half of the property damage and half of the storage fees and I will not accept that offer. They keep telling me that it is their clients word over mine, even with the police report. It is their legal obligation as the responsible drivers insurance company and I expect them to pay in full the reasonable costs due to the accident. I call and requested to speak with a supervisor and they told me the supervisor would call me back, but he has not.

I have been with out a vehicle for a month now and had lost my job due to the fact, my truck is totaled. I call and call, still have not heard from her insurance company again. My calls are not returned. I would like to speak with someone to help resolve these matters. I can't seem to find a lawyer who is willing to take the case, due to it being only property damage.

Please help.


Hello Katrina,

You need to contact the department of insurance of your state and file a formal complaint against that insurance company. They must answer why they have not conclude her investigation. Also, contact an attorney to see if you can file a lawsuit against the driver who hit you.

Good Luck

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
Good Luck,
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