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Pain and suffering amount

by Jerry

My wife was struck by a car while riding her bicycle. The police report clearly stated the driver of the car was at fault, though no citation was issued. My wife was riding her bike in a bike lane, and the driver of the car pulled out from a stop sign and struck her.

My wife suffered an injury to her kneww. Though not serious, it is painful, swollen and continues to bleed more than a week after the accident. We have gone to the doctor, twice. In addition, she struck the pavement so hard that it broke her helmet. The doctor assured her there was no head injury, but there was some pain for a few days.

Obviously, there has been significant trauma involved in all of ths.

My question: How do we determine how much is a reasonable amount to request for the pain, suffering, and anguish she has experienced?

Thank you

Answer to Pain and suffering amount:

Hello Jerry,

I am sorry to hear about your situation. There are soo many variables that it is very difficult to help you with a straight answer. Please see the following articles to help you here:

Bodily Injury Claim

You can elect to have the information on this ebook
Settle Your Own Injury Claim

or talk to an attorney to give you at least a good range:

How Much is Your Case Worth?
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I hope this helps.

Good Luck

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