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Pain and suffering and lost wages | How Much?

I was painting a house for my neighbors. On a ladder 18" in the air above the garage.

The lady of the house ran out, started her car, and ubruptly pulled out of thegarage hitting the ladder and knocking it, the paint and myself to the ground. It happened so fast I didn't know what happened - I had 7 major tears in my right rotator cuss, scratches and bruises. hey took me to the emergency room and was scheduled to see a specialist.

My wife contacted our insurance company immediatly as did our neighbors. Our insurance is paying for all of my surgical and medical including medicine. My neighbor's insurance company has not paid one dime to date for this accident saying that when the Dr. releases me then they will offer me a settlement for lost wages and pain & suffering. Lost wages I believe is a simple computation, the money lost during the ordeal, say 5 months @$6,000.00 p/mo= $30,000.00. What I dont know is how to compute the pain and suffering. Could you please show me. I have a meeting with their insurance company Friday 12/11/09.

Thank you,


Hello JEBeck,

This is a difficult claim. You really need to talk to a lawyer. There is a possibility that you might be entitled to substantial pain and suffering. This is complex claim and you are adviced to talk to a lawyer.

Please see:

If you want to learn more about pain and suffering and how to calculated, please see:

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