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Parked car problems | vehicle total loss

by Paula

Our 1994 GMC was parked in front of our home, and was sideswiped by a texting teenager.

First of all, the police took ALL of our information, and then called a tow truck, which came and took the teenager's van, and then left us with no more info then the driver had AllState insurance.

I did not want to file a claim with our insurance, why should I have to pay for someone hitting our car?

So I called Allstate, they have told us they need to contact the teenaged driver. So now, our truck is sitting in front of our house, smashed and running oil all over. We don't have a rental, our truck can't be moved without a tow truck, and no one will return our calls.

Secondly, I am very worried about the value of the truck. Ironically, we bought another vehicle the same day our truck was hit, and we were going to sell it, or it would not have been in the road.

It has been very well maintained and has so many extras, it has a lift, oversized rims and tires, running boards, roll bar, chrome bed liner, the motor is chipped, has dual exhaust, and on and on, and now I'm afraid were going to be looking at some ridiculous amount because the truck is old.

I guess my questions are, should we contact our own insurance, and how do we get reimbursed for what the truck is actually worth?


Hello Paula,

I am sorry to hear about your accident. Making a claim with your own insurance company does not mean that they will have to pay, they will likely able to recover for the damages paid from Allstate.

Usually, filing a claim is a good idea when you have issues with the other carrier getting paid for what is owed (or getting them to return your calls). Remember that you do have a duty to report your claim. You may want to think about that.

Getting compensated for the total value of your GMC could be difficult as it is an older car. Insurance companies will try to devalue of your SUV as much as they can. Please see our pages on car total loss.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck,

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