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Parking lot accident 50 50 decision?

by Lisa

I was at the store on Friday and backed out of my parking space. I was stopped in the process of getting ready to go forward when a diesel truck backs out and hits me in driver’s side rear panel. I saw him coming and laid on my horn as other customers were hollering for him to stop no luck.

He did not even know he hit me and left. A man who saw the accident and followed him and told him he hit me and he needed to come back. He did and told me how sorry he was and that he was looking ahead at 2 kids. Now his insurance is saying we are 50 50 since we were both backing. I was NOT backing when he hit me.

Oh and how could he tell them anything since he didn't even know he hit me a. I have contacted the police for the report and am trying to get tape from krogers but police must request. I am also trying to get a hold of witnesses. Ok can I get my car paid for? I have 1500.00 in damage his truck none. He even told the police it was totally his fault.

Answer to Parking lot accident 50 50 decision

Hello Lisa,

Well, you can get an attorney to get you the tape. If you are sure that you were stopped then you really should pursue the recording. That is going to be the evidence that clears you and gets you paid.

Do you have insurance? Why is your insurance company not trying to get you the evidence. They can also request it and see if that would clear the accident.

Don’t take no for an answer, either from your insurance company or Kroger. Try to get it.

Also the point of impact really seem to show that you were out of your stop, so the adjuster (the other side) must also take that into account).

See more about fault here.

Good Luck,
Insurance Claims

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