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Parking Lot Accident | both vehicles backing, I am not insured, who is at fault?

Who is at fault when two cars rear end crash when reversing in a car parking lot?

When I was reversing my car another car did the same and we hit one another in a close car park whos at fault if im not insured?



Fault is a different issue from "being" insured.

Fault or liability would have to be investigated by your adjuster. If you are not insured, then it is up to you to investigate.

If both vehicles are backing, and they hit on the middle of the parking lot (or the middle of the lane), and neither vehicle saw each other, then both vehicles would be at fault, probably 50% split.

In some states, (i.e. California), you cannot recover for your damages unless you have insurance. Your recovery would be barred. They can still recover for the 50% of damages you caused.

Some states allow you to recover all your damages done to you regardless of insurance.

For more about fault, please see:

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