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Parking Lot Accident

My vehicle was parked in a parking space in a parking lot off to itself; someone driving a truck parked behind me too close to my bumper and scratched it.

When I came to my car after shopping I noticed the fog light touching my bumper and I moved my vehicle up to check for damage and it was. I immediately found the owner and informed him but he did not make a claim.

I had a witness that seen how his truck was parked but I did get a picture.

I have a picture of his bumper with my paint on it and my witness is that enough to win this case.

Answer to Parking Lot Accident

Well, you have to call your insurance company and see if there is anything they can do as far as an investigation goes. Did you see any paint on or anything on his truck? You have to show that he hit you, and mere presence on the parking lot is not enough.

Now if it is only the two of you, this may be enough to convince his insurance company to pay for his damages.

Good luck

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