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Parking lot ice accident

by Jenny
(Westchester, NY)

I was pulling into work (at my school's parking lot) I am a teacher. The parking lot was patchy, wet and icy. As I was pulling into a parking spot my car slid and hit another car parked in front of me.

When I got out of the car a large area under my vehicle and in the surrounding area was a sheet of ice. Many other teachers slid and one even fell while walking on the ice.

Who is at blame? Could this be considered negligence on the school's part to clear the ice or to at least survey the area and maybe put up orange warning cones?

Answer to: Parking lot ice accident?:

Hello Jenny,

It’s likely your fault (100%). It’s winter time, roads and parking lots are snowy, icy, and wet. Drivers must drive at a safe speed so they don’t lose control and hit parked vehicles.

The only way the school could be liable is if they knew and had several accidents there and did nothing about it. If the school did not have any meaningful notice prior your collision, it would be very hard to hold them liable for anything.

Hopefully your have full coverage insurance.

Good Luck,
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