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Parking lot liability

by Rick
(Washington )

my wife was pulling into a parking space with her small sedan and was 3/4 the way in when a suv park to the right of her just thru her door open into our right front fender without even looking.

The driver got out of there car with the look of sorry my 15yo son was in the passenger seat and saw everything now the driver saying the door was open and we ran into it.

We both have the same insurance company.

What should we do and who would be at fault our story is the truth.


Hello Rick,

Well, you have to show that your story is the truth. Evidence by witnesses and/or maybe a video recording of the parking lot (if it was a commercial parking lot) may be the answer.

Even if the open the door without looking, there is still a responsibility on the driver of your car to look and ensure that no one is exiting the vehicle (i.e. a child).

If your girlfriend did not see anyone in the car, then this may be a problem.

Please see our section fault:

Good Luck

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