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Parts replacement and warrenty vs insurance determinartion

by wayne

Vehicle in front of me suddenly braking. I was also braking and would be able to stop.

However, another car behind me was approaching me to fast and was about to strike me.

I let off of brake and tried to stear around the first vehicle (a semi with trailer) went alongside on the shoulder which was muddy and next to flood waters in ditch right up to and on the shoulder. mud pulled vehicle into water and I spun around into the ditch.

The water damaged my motor and transmission. No other drivers stopped. Highway patrol contacted. No ticket issued or anything to me (of course)

Insurance "found" a used engine with about half the miles I had on mine and wants to use this. They are using their own price for the engine, not the dodge dealership. Dodge won't warrenty a used engine as I have a 7 year extended warrenty with them. There is approximaetly 850 dollars difference between a new engine thats covered by dodge vs the insurance engine they wish to put in my truck. Insurance adjuster will not budge.

Several concerns. One. warrnty ($2000)will be void. I feel they should have to replace the engine to meet the warrenty I have paid for...bringing me back to where I was before the accident. The adjuster calls this "betterment" and won't do it. Second. My resale value of my vehicle. Third, I'm willing to spend some of my money based on what dodge told me... 650 to boot for a new engine, but the adjuster wont use dodges prices and it now it's higher with me paying over 1,250 plus deductable.

Can the insurance guy cause me to loose my warrenty and put a engine in that has no maintence logs or use record that came from some other weck. I've taken care of my vehicle and have he logs to prove it. Why must I pay $1,250 out of pocket ? Isn't this why I have full coverage ?


Hello Wayne, this question is very similar to the question I answered few second ago. Please see this answer because it might help you with your claim. Please see:

Replacement Parts and Warranty Void after accident

At any rate, was anyone else found at fault for this? This will make a difference. You have better rights against your that persons insurance company than against your own. The reason for this is that auto policies exclude coverage for warranties, or records. If you are going against someone else’s policy, you might be able to claim diminished value. Please see:

Good Luck,

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