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Percentage of negligence on pain & suffering claim - 4th car in 4 car wreck

by Dinah Wicker
(San Antonio, Texas)

My sister and I were involved in a 4 car wreck caused by a 5th car that left the scene of the accident. We were car #2 in the actual wreck.

We were complete stopped because of car #1. Car #3 hit us then car #4 hit cart #3 which rammed us again. We received a settlement from Car #3 insurance and now Car #4 insurance has denied our claim.

The driver of Car #4 did not stop in time due to speeding and inattention but no tickets were issued. Can we seek damages from Car#4 insurance and how to proceed?

Thank you


Hello there,

It is possible that you have a claim against car #4. It will depend on much extra damage that impact caused. This might take a more advance analysis. It will also depend no what kind of injury settlement you got with car # 3.

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Good Luck

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Nov 13, 2009
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