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Personal Injury Claim and damages questions

by Jeremy

Say a person is involved in a auto accident. Calling this person bob. The other person is at fault and admitted it on a police report.

Call this person Gene. There insurance carrier is agreeing to pay ALL medical bills and time off work and has already paid off bob's car loan. But now there not willing to make a pain and suffering offer until Bob's doctor is willing to release him.

the settlement to pay off his car loan was 11,500.00

So far his medical bills are

11,800.00 for er visit that lasted 6 hours on a BACKBOARD
500.00 ambulance ride
Unknown $ of doctor bills
Unknown $ of tests

tests performed were, x-rays, drug test, ct scan, and all other tests you'd expect from a car accident. Bob refused no medical treatments or tests. let them do whatever they felt needed to be done.

Bob has extreme bruising to chest and arm. Has been to his regular doctor after being sent home from hospital. And was prescribed pain medicine and told to come back in a week if headaches and chest pain doestn't subside.

Details of crash were: Bob was traveling at 30mph and was t-boned after the other person ran a stop sign. Bobs airbag deployed and took the skin off of forearm which hurts like heck, but bob lost steering and brakes and as a result ran into a tree.

When he struck the tree the airbag had already deflated so bob took a steering wheel to the chest at about 25 mph.

No surgery was required and x-rays and other tests found no internal injuries in a ct scan. Only a basic ct scan was able to be performed due to bob being allergic to the dye that they inject to see xtreme detail like organs and etc. All scan was able to see was bone. But after a week bob is suffering from constant headaches.

Some times random but loud noises and everyday problems bring them on. Also bob gets tongue tied and forgets what he was saying. Seems to forget things but come back to him a few minutes after putting some real thought into the memory. Also bob doesn't seem as quick witted.

Seems thought is a lil slower, notiably so but not extreme. Also suffering from chest pain that is so bad it brings him to the brink of tears.

Bob doesn't want to go through the whole lawyer thing since they are willing to pay ALL medical bills to the point of doctor release. Bob is just wanting to know what a fair and expecting pain and suffering offer he should accept.

Thanks, "bobs daughter"


Hello Jeremy,

I am sorry to hear that Bob (your dad) was in such an accident. You are asking me about pain and suffering.

This is a hard question because even thought you gave detail, I do not have all the facts (like your state).

Also, without looking at the exact doctors records, it is very hard to anticipate the award. It is interesting to see an insurance company wanting to wait for a doctor’s releases.

They usually want to settle as soon as you want to sign. Maybe they want to make sure your dad will not argue future medical bills.

Visit: for more information about that.

Your settlement should be fairly high given the nature of the impact (chest against steering wheel), but again, it depends on what the doctor says.

If the injury is “permanent” then you will be looking at a
substantially higher award. Learn more about permanent injuries here:

If Bob only has a soft tissue injury, then the claim will be settled for substantially less. If you want to really put a number to the settlement, the best thing really is to ask a lawyer in your local area .

Good Luck

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Mar 05, 2012
About question
by: Anonymous

Been to 3 different Lawyers. No one wants it stating"you taken the risk to go sledding. Any reason why you want me to keep going with a lawyer, please?


If three different lawyers tell you that there is an assumption of the risk issue, then that may be the case. You need an attorney who can take your case, if you cannot find one, it is possible that your case is not worth pursuing.

Mar 04, 2012
Personal injury
by: Anonymous

I live in NH at a 23 unit Condo development. We just had our septic system replaced (only 7 years old)Anyhow, after they finished one unit got reseeded, one had orange cones surrounding the area one had yellow caution tape and the other had 2 big barrels of hay. This was Sept 2011. We don't go behind other units so we don't know who has what. Fast forward Jan 15, 2012. My son and I went sledding which is very common for people to do in this common area-we went down the hill and and we hit the snow covered frozen hay and I broke my right arm and ribs. The adjuster is coming soon and I need help trying to handle this. I was in agony going to work because I am selp employed and need to work. I went to work-however, did not receive income because I did not sell anything. I am so lucky my son who is six did not get hurt and that I did not need surgery. I just don't want them down playing this. Any help please because I need the money.


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