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Personal Injury? motorcycle

Have full coverage motorcycle policy, On way to work not long ago had mechanical issue with the rear of bike that cause me to crash. There was no other party or personal property involved nor any tickets issued, it happened and I had no control of the foreseen outcome, but I was and am still very much injured.

The insurance totaled the bike and will cover that expense. Have a 2,000 dollar medical expense also on policy , which does nothing for medical expenses occurring then and now. Can I make a personal Injury/bodily injury claim with my own insurance?

I do keep full coverage on all autos and motorcycle policy I have, I thought to protect Myself as well as others. RIGHT?

Answer to Personal injury in a motorcycle?

Well, if this is a one vehicle accident (you were the only one involved), then the medical payments / pip portion should only pay for medical bills. There isn’t, typically, coverage for pain and suffering, loss wages, future medical treatments, etc.

It is critical that you read your policy carefully. Also talk to a local attorney for more detailed information of what your policy will cover.

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