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Policy Limits auto claim / Uninsured motorist claim

I had an auto accident 3 years ago. This accident was my fault, & three (3) were injured in the other vehicle.

I did not have enough coverage for the expenses that were paid. I had 25k for policy limits.

One of the insured's father claimed an uninsured motorist claim. I am now receiving letters from his insurance company asking me to fill out information for them to see what subrogation right I have.

They are asking to be reimbursed for 175k for coverage their insured had to pay, b/c I did not have enough insurance coverage. If I do fill out this information, will this make me have to pay 175k out of pocket to the father's policy? Will it make my insurance go up?

What are the pro's and con's about turning in this information? Does this have to be done at all?

Can they still sue me after 3 years for this amount of money even though the statute of limitations has already past?



Well, you need to talk to a lawyer about the pro's and con's as I do not know exactly the information they are asking and I do not practice law on your state. Also, if the statute is passed, they may be out of luck, but you need to double check with an attorney about that.

Please see:

Regarding whether you have to pay the excess, the short answer is probably yes (assuming the statute did not pass). You caused the damage and you are not properly insured, you probably owe the money.

Will your insurance go up? Probably, if you cased 175K worth of damages and injuries, you will probably be penalized for that.

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