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Progressive Insurance, never take your car to their service centers

by Chris Davis
(Portland, Oregon)

On December 8th, I was rear ended by another Progressive Insured driver. My rear bumper was damaged and my car was pulling to the right after the accident. When a Claim representative called to go over the accident he suggested that I take my car to a nearby Progressive Service Center. He said that it would make my experience very easy. What I really found was the service reps were either rude or totally aloof. My biggest concern about my car was the alignment, which they wholly refused to address, stating that there was no way that this accident could have caused my auto to be mis-aligned. I repeatedly tried to get ahold of my original Claim Rep, but he refused to return any of my call even though his email after my initial contact with him said that I should contact him if I have further questions or concerns.

At the service center, when I went to pick up my still misaligned auto, I mentioned my frustration to the Rep who had my keys, her remark was that I should be happy because they took care of damage that was not related to the accident. What they took care of that was unrelated, I am not sure, but I had to drive my car directly to an alignment shop and pay to have my alignment fixed.

I would suggest picking another insurance company and certainly never take your car to one of their service centers.

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