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Progressive Insurance | Unfair treatment

A progressive insured driver hit my vehicle in the rear and the progressive insured drive was found at fault. However, this was not the issue that I had with Progressive.

Progressive was quick in response to the claim and quick to get things moving to get my vehicle repaired. Actually they were so quick that they wanted me to drive my vehicle to their claims / auto repair center approximately 30 miles away. You want me to do what? I said no and then they asked where I was going to take the vehicle for was my choice.

I was familar with one of the shops that Progressive deals with, so I drove the vehicle there. This was a mistake in hindsight because now Progressive has more control over the repairs, which was bad in this situation, but may be good in another situation.

I tusted the shop, but not so much any more. In addition to the damage to the rear of the vehicle, the impact also caused crease in the bedside of the truck.

The claims adjuster from Progressive stipulated that the crease on the bedside was preexisting damage and would not be fixed.

The claims adjuster also indicated that the auto repair shop agress that the damage was preexisting. The auto repair shop is working for WHO? Me or the Insurance Company? Again, I said what? I pointed out to the claims adjuster that as a result of the impact, the bottom rear bedside panel is now an entire 1/2 inch closer to the back side of the rear tire. The claims adjuster measured this dimension from several points, but was unsucessful to disprove me and indicated that I proved my point.

I should not have to prove my point. The claims adjuster's next comment is what made me never to trust this company....."I hope you do not think less of my comapany".

This statment made it clear to me that the adjuster was being dishonest and trying to get out of fixing the damage in order save progressive money.

Progressive clearly knew the damage was not preexisting. If I am at fault for an accident I would expect my insurance company to treat others involved fairly.

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