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by Candace Hill
(Columbus, IN USA)

I was hit on November 1st by a driver who ran a stop light while I was on my way to work. My ribs were badly bruised, I was unable to work for two months while my ribs were wrapped, unable to lift.

Two emergency room visits, doctor visits, five prescriptions later....NOTHING.
They fixed my car, yes, but with USED parts.
Long story short, I had to go through the holidays with money out of my pocket for medicenes and my doctors visits....NO INCOME....

when I went back to work I was cut down to two days a week because they had to replace me. So now it is the middle of January, I am so far in debt, had to borrow money to pay my bills. And I have received not one dime from Progressive.
They have offered my lost wages and ONE thousand dollars for my "discomfort" after being on medical leave for two months!!!!

I have had three agents, keep getting put off on another, none of which DO A THING!!!!! They don't return calls, and don't care if your life gets totally turned upside down by their "insured" clients.

I hate this company. They have ruined my life. The claims adjuster is beyond rude and arrogant.

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