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Pulling into a space when I was hit by speeding vehicle

I drove in to my apartment complex and pulled into a space on the right. The driver behind me was speeding and hit my back passenger tire and door with the front.

Driver side of his car. He tried to negotiate but I filed a claim anyway. He is now saying I backed into him. Can you tell by the damage that he is lying?

Answer to Pulling into a space when I was hit by speeding vehicle:

Well, did you back up at all? Where you wheels moving? If you were moving, you did back up. Now, if he is going down the aisle, he has the right of way. The vehicle backing has a greater duty to look out and avoid the collision.

Now, the point of impact does not help his case. It more looks like you were out when hit you. It is very difficult, if possible at all, to tell you whether or not you are at fault or fault free without pictures of the vehicle.

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