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Putting a value on my totaled used vehicle ( low mileage good condition but older Volvo)

by David
(Baton Rouge, La.)

Other person was at fault. My car was totaled. Their insurance company wants to use estimates obtained by used car dealers they have asked to value my car.

This is $1000 below NADA and blue book values as well as the used car dealer I purchased the car from. Would small claims court be a good option?


Hello David,

You want to talk to a lawyer before you sign anything. Settling or releasing your claim could waive your claim in small claims court. You do not want to waive your rights at all. It is that simple.

You must ensure if you decide to go to small claims court, that getting paid by the insurance company does not release all the claims and that you are only taking the payment as partial payment. Again, talking to a local attorney is strongly advised.

Good Luck
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