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Read end car accident damages and issues | fault

by Joe

This is regarding an Incident At 7 Am morning while my friends was on his way to office an old car in front braked all of the sudden n my friends new car(6mts old) barely touched that car.

(My friends car had no damage and he had a feeling as if that person reversed the gear knowingly that it will lead to collusion) He asked for insurance information my friend gave his but he did not(neither he had his driving licence nor insurance information) saying he is not having right now lets go to my home i have it at home.

My friend denied visiting his home and insisted to call the cops but that chap said no no , i need to go for work . when my friend asked his name he said he dont know how to speak english earlier he was speaking English all of a sudden he is denyed.. so strange).

My friend noted his car number and left.

I feel my friend should have called the cops at that time because he was not having any information in his car(no driving licence, no insurance paper.

Please tell in this situation who is liable? And if for rear ending my friend is liable then how can he dispute because he is not at fault?

Thanks in advance


It depends. Sounds like this was a parking lot accident? The person was backing? If this person was backing, it is very likely they would be at fault.

However, if this is not (I am sorry, it is not very clear to me), and your friend rear ended him (hit from behind as the title of this question points out), then your friend could be liable. It is a matter of the layout of the street.

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