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Rear end accident | damages


While driving a friend's truck I rear-ended another vehicle.

We were stopped at a light, when it turned green the other vehicle proceeded to go as I followed but all of a sudden the vehicle slowed to a stop & I tried to stop but rear ended him.

There was no visible damage but he said that his bumper was pushed in. We exchanged information but the vehicle that I was driving was not mine & only had liability coverage. What will happen now?

Will the liability cover his "damages"? Or will I be sued? I live in California.

Answer to Rear end accident | damages?


The liability coverage only covers the vehicle you hit. You need collision on your policy to cover you for the damages you caused to your friend's truck.

However, your friend's vehicle insurance may have collision and that policy may extend coverage to you as the diver and provide the coverage necessary to fix the truck, subject to a deductible.

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