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Rear end collsion | 4 vehicle impact

My daughter was hit in the rear and knocked into the car in front of her causing a chain reaction. There were four cars involved.

The girl who hit my daughter said she knocked my daughter into the other cars. She said she looked up and they were stopped and she never hit her brakes. I had damage to the front and rear of my car.

The woman in front of my daughter is now saying she thinks my daughter hit her before the girl hit my daughter because she felt two impacts. She did not say this the day of the wreck in her statement. The girl in the rear admitted the wreck was her fault. She hit my daughter doing 35 mph and never hit her brakes.

When she hit my daughter and my daughter hit the other car the airbags deployed. Now the insurance company is saying they are not liable for the front end damage of my car. The girl in the rear was given a citation for failing to reduce speed to avoid a collision.

The police officer said the wreck was the fault of the girl in the rear. How can I fight this insurance company?


Well, I am sorry to hear about your daughter’s accident. The testimony of the person in front is obviously giving you issues. They are arguing that your daughter had already hit the person in front, when she was rear ended, despite of what the police report has to say.

In this situation, you have couple of options.

1 – have your insurance handle the matter for you (pay a deductible) and then have them go to mandatory arbitration. Please see:


2 – you can take the other side to court and see what a judge says. With the police report on your side, this will likely help your case. Please see:

Good Luck,

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